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Car Clubs are more than a calendar of events; they are a social club, a focus group, your technical and financial advisor and, of course, a therapy group! What benefit you gain is directly proportional to your involvement and participation.+



Bi-monthly newsletters are emailed to our Club's financial members (including financial interstate club members). Emailing them helps us to keep our Club subs as low as possible (still $30 p.a. - 2020).


Excerpts from newsletters can be found below.


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Meetings are held bi-monthly and generally in January (AGM), March, May, July, September and November. Dates and venues change so meeting info is placed here on the website, in the newsletter and members are informed by email...or post if no email available.


Over the years we have have met in places all over Victoria and southern NSW to give all our far-fetched members the opportunity to attend meetings.





September Meeting - 

CANCELLED due to lockdown restrictions.
November Meeting - This is planned as our Christmas Meeting.
At present the date is 7th November and will take place in South Gippsland at Toora Caravan Park.
At least THAT is what we hope. Fingers crossed and stay tuned.